How do youtubers make money?

Answer by becoming a youtube partner

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How much money do popular Youtubers make? username with the youtube channel u want to view.

How much money do famous youtubers make?

Actually Whatthebuck rakes in a 6 figure income, and banks up to $20,000 a month sometimes. Yes it is true and it is on the internet everywhere. He quit his normal job working for a music company j... Read More »

How much money do Youtubers like "RayWilliamJohnson" get paid for each episode?

Youtube Partnerships are the ones that keep them making new videos. Very popular Youtubers such as RayWilliamJohnson are very appealing to the Youtube audience, and plus, Youtube wants to build up ... Read More »

Youtubers : What software do you use to make a slideshow video?

I tend to use Microsoft Windows Movie Maker, just because I find it the easiest to use. I haven't put any of my slideshow videos on youtube but I also find it easier when making lyrics videos etc b... Read More »