How do you zoom in on minecraft?

Answer You can't 'zoom in', unless you mean the FOV: field of view, which can be found under the ESC -> Options menu.

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How do you zoom out in minecraft?

To zoom out and see what your character is fully doing, press F5 to see a lot more than your character.

Is the koda z86 12x zoom better than the Nikon cool pics l100 15x zoom?

The Nikon Coolpix L120 has video. It is the read red button.

How much difference is there between a x50 zoom and x60 zoom on a digital camera?

Answer You will have an image about 20% larger at x60, but there is catch. Usually magnification of that amount is a combination of the optical zoom and digital zoom. The total obtained by multipl... Read More »

Does the p 90 nikon cameras have a 24 opitical zoom and a 4 power zoom?

You don't say which product range (coolpix, DSLR, professional DSLR, industrial optics?)