How to Write a Pop Song?

Answer Ever heard a good pop song and thought you could do the same? Now you can write a song like SOS or Pon de Replay with this simple step by step manual.

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How to Write a Hit Song?

Maybe you've never written a song at all, or maybe whenever you try to write a song it ends up like something a baby show would play. Whatever the case, this article will take you step by step in t... Read More »

How to Write an R&B Song?

If you are interested in R&B, you had come to the right place. R&B is a great style of music and there are a lot of great R&B artists contribute to this style. You can be one of them.

How to Write a Fun Song?

Have you heard songs that where happy, but every time you go to write a song it turns out sad?

How to Write a Song Now?

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