How do you write a letteron a computer without using email?

Answer Use word and print it out.

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Is there any way I can make my computer email my files to my email address automatically?

Not that I am aware of.Any app you did try to use would have a problem if you were using one of the files in the folder at the time because it would be locked and not able to be copied.Also, depend... Read More »

Is there anything dangerous to your email or computer if you email someone you don't know?

yea they get your email address, you should keep that private to only known contacts

How to Write an Email?

It may seem simple, writing an email, but it can be just a tricky as writing a letter.

How to Write an Email Asking for a Job?

Writing an email asking for a job takes a lot of confidence on the part of the job seeker. Whether you are emailing the company directly asking for a position, or following up with the company afte... Read More »