How do you whiten your teeth without harming them?

Answer in my opinion toothpastes dont work. teeth whitening will not harm you teeth if the enamel is strong enough to take the liquid. before doing any home remedies, go to your dentist and ask if your en... Read More »

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How to Whiten Teeth Without Bleaching Them?

Everyone wants whiter teeth but not everyone likes the idea of bleaching them. Use natural methods instead; they help preserve the delicate enamel on the surface of the tooth while gently removing ... Read More »

How to whiten teeth. Without bleaching them?

Easy. Make a paste with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide (the 3% kind from a pharmacy). Brush your teeth with it; orthodontic brushes are really good for angles and crevices. Rinse as you go. Do N... Read More »

Does cleaning your teeth with baking soda really whiten them?

yes but it taste horrible.i recommend to mouth wash after that to get rid of the taste.

How do you whiten your teeth without expensive treatments?