How do you ween a 17 month old off a bottle?

Answer Answer you simply take it away. They will cry for a few days and want the bottle, but you have to be strong and just live out the crying. My daughter was off the bottle at age 1. She cried for it ... Read More »

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How can I get my 20-month old off of the bottle?

The best thing to do is to get rid of all the bottles so that he has no choice but to use a sippy cup or a regular cup. I did this with both of my daughters and it worked like a charm. When he ha... Read More »

Why Isn't My 5 Month Old Taking Her Bottle?

There are several possible reasons why a baby might refuse her bottle, but no matter the reason, parents who can't get a baby to take her bottle experience worry and frustration. Whether a baby is ... Read More »

Is a seventeen month old baby to old to be on a bottle?

It depends on the baby. Some develop slower than others. The Dr can answer that question.

Should i get my breastfed 4 month old off the bottle & onto the sippy cup... any advice?

I don't think you want her to spill milk all over theplace & herself, not because of the mess but every oz is hard to get out.When she refuses the breast try again & again, she'll take it. My son u... Read More »