How do you web cam chat using an i-pad 2?

Answer Such an Application would be Impossible! The memory of the iPad is segmented, so that even an app could compress memory, it could only compress the memory inside the area of its own app. It cannot... Read More »

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Is there any app that will let me video chat between me on my htc evo and a friend using gmail video chat from their computer?

How to Chat Using Lan?

You may have thought sending messages over LAN was difficult but this makes it really easy. Moreover you don't need any special programs which makes LAN chatting specially useful at school or work ... Read More »

How do you chat using headphone?

Yes I currently have some which came with it in an Irish chain store called Xtra-Vision.

How do you conference chat using ipad2?

contest was last week and ended friday it was every day @ 5 ur time but its over now.