How do you watch for preterm labor?

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Im 36 weeks and 1 cm dilated my doctor thinks ill go into labor within the next 2weeks if that. how accurate can she be about that you have also already had preterm labor but they stopped it?

Answer eeh.. my doctor said the same thing when i was pregnant with my daughter. I went into preterm at 26 weeks,they stopped it, then at 36 weeks i started dialating. i was 50% and 1 cm.but i sta... Read More »

How long can you go in preterm labor?

Answer Very often preterm labor can be stalled with medication and/or home or bed rest until the baby is more mature to be delivered.

How to Recognize Preterm Labor?

If you are pregnant, it is important to recognize the signs and symptoms of preterm labor so you can seek health treatment and prevent yourself from giving birth to your baby prematurely. Preterm l... Read More »

Why use betamethasone in preterm labor?

Betamethasone is not used IN preterm labor...once your labor has been stabilized, betamethasone is given in two shots 24 hours apart so that you baby gets a "jump start" on producing surfactant in ... Read More »