How do you wash an infant's hair?

Answer Use baby shampoo, then support with one hand under the babys back and neck while you rinse the shampoo from the head. Try not to get water in eyes, but if you do promptly wipe with towel.

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If you dont wash your hair for 2 - 3 weeks does it wash itself?

Sounds like her hair used to be really greasy because she washed it way too often and possibly striped it from its natural oils. Or she could've been using shampoo/conditioner that wasn't suited fo... Read More »

Why do infants lose their hair?

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How to Moisturize Infants' Hair?

Like many adults, some babies suffer from dry hair and a dry scalp. When it's excessively dry, the condition is called cradle cap. This is not harmful to the baby but it can be unsightly, since it ... Read More »

How to Style African-American Hair for Infants?

Take care when styling the African American infant's hair. African American hair tends to be dry due to low oil production. Because of varying hair types, it is best to use the gentle approach when... Read More »