How do you void a marriage in muslim law?

Answer In order to void a marriage under Islamic law, the marriage itself must be shown to have been contracted under fraudulent or illegal pretenses. Voiding an Islamic marriage, therefore, must derive ... Read More »

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How can you void a marriage in Muslim law?

Voiding a marriage in Islamic law is much more private than it is in Western tradition and does not involve courts. While permitted under Islamic law, it is an act that is said to be frowned upon b... Read More »

Can Muslim men say no to a prearranged marriage?

On One Hand: Islam Requires ConsentAccording to Professors House, Muslim men can say no to an arranged marriage in most Muslim countries. Islam requires the man and woman to agree to a marriage. In... Read More »

Muslim Views on Marriage & Divorce?

As in other religions, Islam values marriage as a sacred and social contract. However, unlike some Christian denominations, marriage is not seen as a sacrament that can only be broken by death, but... Read More »

Is it possible to be muslim and gay or it's a sin to be muslim and gay you can't be both things?

All the religions are same. they all dont allowed gay.if you are gay and go to church, they will give you dirty looks.but in islam. They are muslim guys who are gay....but when they go to mosq, the... Read More »