How do you validate a Nazi Zombies account for an iPod Touch?

Answer Go to CREATE NEW ACCOUNT then make a new account with a username no one else has. Also put in a password. Hope this helped, WoodWorkingMaster

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What is witching hour in cod waw zombies on ipod touch?

Play the game at 12 o'clock at night. You can simply just switch to a different time zone. I did this legitimately, however.

How to Play Plants VS Zombies on an iPod Touch?

If you don't have a computer near by but you have an iPod touch you can play. Read on!

Why can't i get call of duty zombies on my iPod touch?

You probably ran out of memory space in your iPod. Delete a lot of apps to clear up space.

How to Own in Nazi Zombies?

Okay, for all those people out there who are just about ready to kick some serious butt at Nazi Zombies but only get to level 20 or around there, just read this article. THESE ARE NOT STRATEGIES!!!... Read More »