How do you use the word condominium in a sentence?

Answer My parents used to live in a condominium but they bought a house two years before I was born.

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How would you use the word over in a sentence?

Can you end a sentence with the word"is"in APA format?

Ending a sentence with the word "is" is appropriate in the APA style. This is true because "is" is a verb, not a preposition. Prepositional phrases - while not forbidden by APA standards - should b... Read More »

How do you use the word convulse in a sentence?

He was a talented comedian who always used to convulse his audience with laughter.I watched anxiously as I saw his face convulse with anger.

What is a sentence using the word vaccine?

A vaccine is a dose of an actual infectious agent (antigen), usually weakened (attenuated), dead or rendered inactive, that causes your body to make antibodies to fight off or stop the reproduction... Read More »