How do you use the word condominium in a sentence?

Answer My parents used to live in a condominium but they bought a house two years before I was born.

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How do you use the word convulse in a sentence?

He was a talented comedian who always used to convulse his audience with laughter.I watched anxiously as I saw his face convulse with anger.

How to Use the Word Infamous in a Sentence?

One of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's most famous speeches included the phrase "a day which will live in infamy," describing the attacks on Pearl Harbor. The attacks were described as horrific and hav... Read More »

How to Use the Word Reprieve in a Sentence?

English is a difficult language to learn. There are near limitless words to memorize, and each has its own meaning and usage. Many of our words can function as multiple parts of speech or have conv... Read More »

How do you use the word contempt in a sentence?

Contempt-noun-the feeling that a person or a thing is being beneath consideration, worthless, or deserving scorn. The judge held the insolent man in Contempt. By climbing over the fence you showe... Read More »