How do you use the herb savory?

Answer Depends. Porcelain as such is "safe", but not all decorations are. Unless any pattern is glazed in, it may fade over time.

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Where does the herb savory originate from?

Savory, Satureja hotenis, is a member of the mint family; its narrow, dark green leaves are crushed or dried for use in seasoning. The use of this herb began in ancient Rome, where people employed ... Read More »

How much does the herb savory cost?

Savory costs about $1 an ounce when purchased in non-commercial quantities. In 2010, a one-ounce bag of savory cost about $1.75, while a one-pound (16 ounces) bag cost $10.50.Source:My Spice Sage:... Read More »

What is a summer savory herb?

Summer savory (Satureja hortensis) is so called to distinguish it from winter savory (Satureja montana). Summer savory, an annual herb, must be cut to the ground before the first frost and dried fo... Read More »

Substitutes for Savory Herb & Garlic Dry Soup Mix?

You can use dry soup mixes of various flavors for far more than simply making soup. These soup mixes can add an extra burst of flavor to dishes including stuffing, casseroles, risotto and slow cook... Read More »