What is a snuff bullet?

Answer A snuff bullet is a single dose of sniffing tobacco. Tobacco can be tapped out of the bullet and sniffed. There is also an air hole in the bullet that allows the tobacco to be sniffed directly from... Read More »

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Snuff film?

I saw it. It was on Facebook of all places!!! It looked pretty real and I was traumatized for the rest of the night. I even got sick to my stomach. According to the one I watched, the guy did it be... Read More »

How to Use Nasal Snuff?

Snuff is a form of finely ground smokeless tobacco predominantly enjoyed by the English aristocracy of the 18th century. It is an arguably healthier alternative to smoking for the user, and undenia... Read More »

Have you watched a snuff film?

Anyone who tells you they've seen a real snuff film, one made for sick entertainment, is full of it. But years ago, I watched a video on the internet that someone at work told me about. I deeply ... Read More »

How to make Copenhagen snuff?

With any luck one of these videos will have the Information on how snuff is made.…