How do you use organic weed control?

Answer [1] Controlling weeds organically tends to refer to cultural and mechanical methods, as opposed to chemical. [2] Culturally, that means putting high-quality seed into soil that's fertile and drains... Read More »

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Is bronco an organic weed and grass killer?

What is the best organic weed killer?

Thumb and forefinger; to pinch and uproot the weed, works well with small weeds. Pigweed, lamb's quarter and others are fine to eat in a salad or steamed like spinach.The best defense is a good off... Read More »

Organic Herbs for Pest Control?

The natural substances in many herbs make them suitable for pest control, which is appealing if you don't want to have to spray your home with chemical pesticides. Further eliminate pesticides by ... Read More »

Organic Pest Control for Eggplants?

Eggplants are part of the tomato family and tend to be susceptible to same pests as tomatoes, peppers and potatoes. Spider mites, Colorado beetles, flea beetles and eggplant lace bugs can all plagu... Read More »