How do you use optical tvto surond sound blueray?

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I have a blueray surround sound system?

What format are you burning the files to your DVD in? Warning: This might get confusing because "DVD" is both a file format (content) and physical format (the plastic disc itself.)What's probably ... Read More »

My LG BlueRay Home Theater Surround Sound System Speakers are having problems?

I have to agree with bbt... 's answer. When you re-arranged things - chances are the amp (the skinny box with the BluRay drive) is now in a more enclosed area or one of your speaker wires has a sh... Read More »

Ok i got a 3D HD Blueray player (ht-e45000) but now I can't change the Blueray Speaker volume by. Look Below↓?

what is a ht-e45000 and its BLU-RAY not blueray

Do i need an optical sound cable for ps3?

You do not need an optical audio cable to hook up a PS3 to a stereo or television. You can use an RCA cable for direct sound or HDMI cable for digital video and sound all in one cable.Source:Plays... Read More »