How do you use itunes gift cards?

Answer after you buy them or receive them you log onto itunes and theres this little box that says quick links in the top right hand corner. In that there will be something that says redeem, click on it. ... Read More »

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Can you get £5 and £10 iTunes gift cards?

unfortunately not, the lowest amount is £15 :[

Can you use iTunes gift cards to buy iPods?

iTunes gift cards can be used to purchase music, movies, TV shows and games from the iTunes Store. The cards cannot, however, be used to purchase iPods. If you want to purchase an iPod with a gift ... Read More »

How do I renew iTunes gift cards?

Decide How Much To SpendAlthough Apple doesn't allow gift cards renewals, it's easy to add money to your iTunes account. Visit the Apple Store online, go to "Gift Cards," and then "iTunes Gift Card... Read More »

Are iTunes gift cards returnable?

According to, all Apple gift cards, including iTunes gift cards, are non-returnable and non-refundable. iTunes gift cards are good for music, movies, games, television shows, podcasts and... Read More »