If you are ovulating and you take a pregnancy test will it show up pregnant?

Answer Answer NO the only thing that will make a pregnancy test show positive results is if the HCG hormone is detected so if you got a positive result your pregnant your pregnant ovulating has nothing t... Read More »

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Not ovulating properly?

You are not ovulating probably due to pcos, poly-cystic ovarian syndrome. Your cycle is controlled by various hormones. Lh hormone peaks and drops suddenly around day 14, then your ovary releases ... Read More »

How to Know When You Are Ovulating?

The ability to know when you are ovulating is essential in order to become pregnant, avoid pregnancy or to understand your body in general. A normal part of the female reproductive cycle, ovulation... Read More »

Do you think I could be ovulating?

I definitely think you are about to start!The pinky discharge is the big sign I guess, from what I have read! So get you're pads ready;)

How can i get pregnant if i'm not ovulating regularly?

Anovulation is the technical term for irregular ovulation. Not all women have the same cycle. To determine if your ovulation is regular mark on a calendar when you get your period. After a few mont... Read More »