How do you use a pool vacuum cleaner for inground swimming pool?

Answer Someone may be leaving the door open for too long, or opening it too often or the door seal may be bad. If cool air keeps getting out and warm air keeps getting in then the fridge is going to have ... Read More »

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How do I vacuum out an inground swimming pool?

Set upAttach the hose securely to the pool vacuum head. Attach the pole to the vacuum head, and place the vacuum head down into the deep end of your pool.Attach the HoseDip the unattached hose end ... Read More »

Can you use an inground pool alarm while the Letro automatic pool cleaner is functioning?

Where can you buy a swimming pool vacuum cleaner in Philippines?

Crystal Blue Enterprise Inc. has two options for you. First is the automatic cleaner and the second one is the manual vacuum that is connected to the motor/filter. Crystal Blue Enterprise Inc. of... Read More »

How do you pick an auto swimming pool cleaner for your pool?

Answer I've been researching but haven't bought one yet...seems the differences are: some attach to your skimmer and run through the pump, others have their own bag & motor. Some clean the walls an... Read More »