How do you use a microphone on your computer?

Answer You plug it in the little hole on the back (or sometimes front) marked microphone or with a symbol showing an arrow going into a circle. You then run a program that collects the stuff you say or u... Read More »

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Can headphones be used a microphone when plugged into the microphone jack on a computer?

Yes! You can use any set of headphones as a microphone. Follow the link to see how.

If you plug in headphones with a microphone built in into a computer how can you make it work as both a microphone and a headphone?

The combined headphone/boom mic, usually have two 3.5mm plugs, color coded green and pink.Plug the green one into the headphone or speaker output and the pink one into the mic socket.If the headset... Read More »

How do you plug in a microphone into your computer?

It's on the back of the computer itself. The big box/tower thing that the keyboard, monitor, and speakers are attached to.

How to Play Music Through Your Computer Onto the Microphone?

Computers have many functions built into them that you might not know about or even use. For example, computers can be used to download and store music from the Internet, burn albums onto a CD or r... Read More »