How do you use a lens hood?

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Why a petal hood for a lens?

Answer The petal hood was designed so that material is removed which would block light at the corners of the frame. But compared to a shorter round hood that is all one length, the petal shape st... Read More »

Recommendations for lens hood?

The correct diameter of the lens, not to be confused with the focal length. I have used the rubber ones that fold back out of the way. Those are convenient, but do not wear as well as.The rigid s... Read More »

Lens Hood For Small Camcorder?

Yes , its practical to buy a second hand. But its better to buy a new one if the amount is not that far as the brand new one. It is also advisable to read more reviews about it.

Flower type Lens Hood For Canon 450 Digital camera?

Take it to a camera card developing lab. Remember to ask for the negatives.