How do you use a iPhone 4 network on a laptop?

Answer It is unlocked with an expansion pack available in the app store

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How can your use a iPhone 4 network on a laptop?

It is called a folio case and you could get it from all good mobile phone stockists.

Will an AT and T purchased iphone work on Verizon's network if Verizon gets rights to use the iphone on its network - I would like to upgrade my iPhone but want to know if I should wait?

When switching on wifi setting on iPhone 4S no avaiable network appears even though there is a network?

Ensure that you also have Join any network enabled as well. If you've got everything enabled for wifi and no available networks are being picked up, then it would be best to take your handset along... Read More »

When the iPhone 4 for Verizon comes out Will the iPhone 4 be able to unlock on the sprint network?

Ultimately yes, but currently no. This is because it was anounced today tht in china, a china mobile carrier unlocked iphone 4 for their it for the actual story that made headlines