How do you use a FM transmitter with your iPod?

Answer I assume you mean, "How do I use an iPod to listen to music on a radio via FM transmission" Stop by your local Best Buy, Target, or if you must Walmart (Blech!) Go to the electronics section of t... Read More »

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How do i use an fm transmitter with an ipod nano?

Plug InPlug the FM transmitter into the iPod Nano. If you have an FM transmitter designed specifically for use with iPods, it will most likely plug into the charging jack. If it is an ordinary or m... Read More »

How can you use your iPhone 3G with your Vauxhall CD30 without an FM transmitter?

How to Operate an iPod Nano FM Transmitter?

An iPod Nano FM transmitter gives you the option of listening to music saved on the Nano through the speakers inside of your car. The FM transmitter is necessary as many vehicles do not have a USB ... Read More »

How to Work an FM Transmitter for an iPod Nano?

One of the best things about the iPod Nano is its ability to store a lot of music in a small package. One of the drawbacks of the iPod Nano is that it lacks an external speaker, which makes it a li... Read More »