How do you use Skype on a Dynex - WiFi Built-in Blu-ray Player?

Answer Yes, for DVDs can be played on ANY Blu-Ray player thanks to the backwards compatibility feature

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Dynex blu ray player won't turn on!Help!?

Probably due largely to the fact that Dynex is a terrible brand... I would just go buy a new one. It would cost you more to have it repaired than a new one would cost.

If blu-ray Player has wifi do I still need the adapter for the TV to be wifi?

Yes, the TV needs its own adapter.But wireless and streaming is usually not very good. It is recommended you use wired, or at least powerline Ethernet extenders.

Does the current skype app for iPhone work on 3G yet or does it still require wifi?

California, if you look on the back of any iphone or ipod it says its been designed in California and assembled in china since first gen ipods.

How to Configure My Laptop With Built-In Lenovo Webcam for Skype?

Lenovo laptops often come configured with built-in webcams. This makes it easy for programs such as Skype to use them; the system already has all the drivers it needs to operate the camera. Skype i... Read More »