How do you upload music onto your mp3?

Answer a celebrety pop singer

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How to upload music onto Pinnacle Editing software?

what I understood is you are trying to get music from the cd for the video, try to rip using windows media player that song to the pc then add it to the video. Happy editing!

How do you upload movies onto your ipod?

Uploading movies to your iPod, iPod Nano, iPod Touch or iPhone requires getting the video in a specific format on your computer first. The movie must be in your iTunes library, whether it's a movie... Read More »

How to upload videos from your video camera onto your dell laptop?

The symptoms you report (the software not starting) tells me that your computer may be underpowered to run the application. Either that or it was not installed properly or some portion of it is som... Read More »

How do you upload your photos onto your computer from a Kodak EasyShare C613 digital camera?

Normally connecting a USB cable to camera and USB socket of PC, and then switching camera on should open up a dialogue box, where you can select option of "open folder to view file" etc.