How do you upload movies onto your ipod?

Answer Uploading movies to your iPod, iPod Nano, iPod Touch or iPhone requires getting the video in a specific format on your computer first. The movie must be in your iTunes library, whether it's a movie... Read More »

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How to Upload MP4 Movies?

MP4 movies use the MPEG-4 video file format. It is more often referred to as MP4, which is also the file extension for the format. This multimedia container format is commonly used to store digital... Read More »

How to Upload HD Movies?

Since the creation of YouTube in 2005, numerous websites have sprung up on the Internet that allow users to upload and share their movies with the world. Now that most modern video cameras are able... Read More »

How to Upload Movies to TiVo?

Though the digital video recorder (DVR) is widely known for its ability to record live television, TiVo can do much more. Downloading TiVo Desktop to your computer extends the TiVo's functionality,... Read More »

How to Upload 700 MB Movies to a Web Server?

You can upload large files, such as a 700 MB video, to the Web server at your host provider using a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client. Although the file manager provided by many host providers is... Read More »