How do you upload movies onto your ipod?

Answer Uploading movies to your iPod, iPod Nano, iPod Touch or iPhone requires getting the video in a specific format on your computer first. The movie must be in your iTunes library, whether it's a movie... Read More »

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How do you rip movies onto your computer how do you put movies onto your ipod?

As far as I know, there isn't a LEGAL way to do that as yet but if you do want movies on your iPod then you could either just buy them in the iTunes store or, if you have any dvds in the digital co... Read More »

How do you upload songs onto an ipod?

may be u should convert the songs first.

How can I upload a DVD film onto my Ipod Touch?

I reccomend not getting an I-Phone or classic . A couple of reasons .Though Iphone is cheaper than the touch. The bill is way expensive and there is no use for the IPhone because it is exactly like... Read More »

How to Upload Videos Onto an iPod Using iMovie?

If you have videos that you have filmed and have uploaded onto your computer but cannot get onto your iPod without buying Quicktime Pro, this is what you can do. This only works for Macs.