How do you upload from a I pad 2?

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Is it possible to upload my own pictures to my blog because i cant upload a video.?

Yes u can but it depends with your web host provider.

How to upload long video on youtube. when i upload it say this is removed beacause it's too long?

By default, you can upload videos that are 15 minutes long. To upload longer videos, follow these steps:-Visit the upload page at Increase your limit a... Read More »

How to Upload on the Web FTP?

Part of the process of developing a website is uploading the files to the server. An FTP (File Transfer Program) is often used to upload files to the server. Storage on a server is provided by a ho... Read More »

How to Upload to Get a URL?

Every page and item uploaded to the Internet is assigned a unique URL (uniform resource locator). In order to upload a file, you need a host that can store and display the file to visitors. There a... Read More »