How do you unrecord things from your dish network?

Answer On Dish TV, Monk can be found on the USA channel (105) , WGN (239) and some local channels. Hit search -"the #" key on most Dish remotes and type in monk and then select.

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Can you record things from your cellphone if you have Dish Network?

If you have a DVR receiver, an Internet connection to your receiver, and the application downloaded to certain supported cellphones, you can setup timers, delete recorded events, and view your chan... Read More »

I'm thinking about switching from cable to Dish Network. If you have Dish Network, please tell me if it's good?

if you like watching the same thing over and over, plus the price and taxes will eat you alive, i act foolish and signed a two year contract, that was a big mistake, now i'm stuck with something we... Read More »

How do you get your deleted history back from your dish network tv?

It depends on what Dish satellite and programming you had and what DirecTV programming you want to receive. Each Dish satellite LNB (attached to the dish) picks up different orbital locations as do... Read More »

How to Transfer Videos From Your Dish Network DVR?

Dish Network is a subscriber TV service that uses satellite or cable broadcasts to deliver content to your TV via a Dish Network receiver. The Dish Network receiver is also a digital video recorder... Read More »