How do you unrecord things from your dish network?

Answer On Dish TV, Monk can be found on the USA channel (105) , WGN (239) and some local channels. Hit search -"the #" key on most Dish remotes and type in monk and then select.

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Can you record things from your cellphone if you have Dish Network?

If you have a DVR receiver, an Internet connection to your receiver, and the application downloaded to certain supported cellphones, you can setup timers, delete recorded events, and view your chan... Read More »

I will maybe be moving soon, and I am wondering some things about Direct TV and Dish Network.?

well ive had dish network. with them you rent the system and they do all the upkeep and maintenance. you have choses of packages you can get for the number of channels you want.they do tend to go o... Read More »

Does dish network have a record of all things watched in a persons home?

What is the dish network code for a polaroid tv model tlx-04240b so that it controls all buttons on the dish network remote?

If you are asking whether or not we have a Corporate office in the middle east, the answer is NO, DISH Network does not have a corporate office located in the middle east. Our corporate office is l... Read More »