How do you unplug an ear?

Answer You need to remove the wax from the ear before the doctor can make any form of proper diagnosis. Forget about the smell It Is only temporary.

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What happens when you unplug your DVR?

A DVR is a video recorder that stores television programs digitally. Unplugging a DVR will cause it to lose power and shut down. Any programs being recorded at the time the DVR was unplugged will b... Read More »

My 15 yr old wont unplug anything?

take her an e.r. and see if you can set up a time to talk to an e.r. docter abut the things they see do to the mean time you may have to take the danger items away and tell her she is not ... Read More »

Do you unplug your PC in a thunderstorm?

yes well a surge protector (if thats what u hyave) only protects form surges down the power line not down phoneline.... and when it was frazeled, it would of probably on damaged the modem in ur com... Read More »

How to Unplug Ears?

Several factors cause plugged ears. Wax buildup as well as air flow blockage to the Eustachian tube from water or dust can cause the ear drum to not vibrate normally. Often, in the case of an air b... Read More »