How do you unplug an ear?

Answer You need to remove the wax from the ear before the doctor can make any form of proper diagnosis. Forget about the smell It Is only temporary.

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How do you unplug a bathtub?

AnswerTry the classis drano method and plunge it. If this doesn't work go to your local hardware and ask for a snake. They are a pain but they work, the hardware will probably rent them out if you ... Read More »

How can I safely unplug my ear?

Hydrogen Peroxide is great for unplugging the ear. Just pour in from the cap, you'll feel it moving around creating bubbles, it's breaking down the wax in the ear. COMPLETELY SAFE. If you don't bel... Read More »

How to Unplug an iPod?

It is important to safely remove an iPod from a PC before physically disconnecting the iPod's dock connector to USB cable. Improper removal can lead to iPod data loss or corruption. Before you unpl... Read More »

How do I unplug wet appliances?

Turn off the ElectricityWalk away from the water spill and the appliance to avoid electrocution. Get a working flashlight. Open the panel on the protective cover at the main electricity circuit boa... Read More »