How do you unlock an iphone without restoring it?

Answer nope u cant to my knowledge

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How to upgrade your iphone 3.1.3 to 4.0 without losing an existing jailbreak dont tell me you cant without restoring?

How do I erase multiple items on an iPhone all at one time without restoring or wiping the whole device?

you can't do that. you will need wiping the whole device..

Can you unlock a 3g 2.2 iPhone without a SIM adapter?

It is possible to unlock an iPhone 3G that is running the firmware version 2.2 without a subscriber identity module (SIM) adapter. You can unlock the phone directly from the Cydia jailbreak applica... Read More »

How to Unlock a 3G iPhone Without Restore?

The Apple iPhone, like any electronic device, may not respond as expected from time to time. The device may appear frozen and refuse to respond to your commands, it might refuse to turn on or off o... Read More »