How do you unlock a library for CS3 InDesign on a Mac?

Answer If you are talking about an Object Library for InDesign, then that is just a file that can be locked and unlocked like most any other file. (See the following web page, including the Comments sect... Read More »

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How to Unlock Objects in InDesign?

Locking an object in Adobe InDesign protects against accidentally moving or deleting elements and ruining a design. If you need to change text or art elements in a design, you'll need to unlock the... Read More »

How to Import Adobe InDesign 5 Into InDesign 4?

When using Adobe's InDesign software, certain situations that require opening an InDesign 5 file in InDesign 4 will arise. However, when you attempt to preform this task, you will be prompted with ... Read More »

Write an interactive program in C language to manage a Library information system. Maintain a library catalog?

Try this :Library Management System in c…

Transfering music from Itunes Library to Sonic Stage Library?

Simple Steps: 1- Open iTunes > Music (On your Right Side) > Highlight All Songs by Simple Clicking on the first Song of the list then Hold "Shift" and Simple Click on the last song > Right Click a... Read More »