How to Open a Car With a Wire Hanger?

Answer It's hard to duplicate the terrible feeling of locking your keys into a car. The experience is even worse if you're already late for work or left the car running. A professional locksmith can get t... Read More »

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How to Unlock Your Truck With a Coat Hanger?

Eventually, everyone locks their keys in their truck and the expense of local locksmiths is just too high for the few minutes of work that it takes them to open your door for you. You can do the sa... Read More »

How to Make a Face With a Wire Hanger?

If you are looking to create some abstract art, you can accomplish the task easily with a wire hanger. You will need to first straighten the hanger and then mold it to your design. Create a three-d... Read More »

Science Project on Things to Do With the Wire Hanger Invention?

The wire coat hanger was invented in 1903 by Albert J. Parkhouse. Parkhouse made the hanger because of complaints at Timberlake and Sons, his employers at the time, that there was not enough space ... Read More »

How to Open a Car Door With Coat Hanger?

If you have ever been unfortunate enough to lock yourself out of your car, you know what a hassle it is to try and get back in, especially if you are not lucky enough to have roadside assistance. F... Read More »