Help me! How do I unfreeze my computer?

Answer Place it next to the heater. Perhaps light a cozy fire for it :)Or you can do what my dad used to do, kick it and shake it!You can take me to virtual court all you want. You can have my ipod LOLSee... Read More »

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How to unfreeze a mouse?

Well, you didn't tell us what kind of a mouse it is.I take it that since you can turn it on,it must be a wireless mouse.Now (not trying to be smart) but it's not something as simple as it needs new... Read More »

How do you unfreeze your iPad 2?

Restart it by holding down the power button on the top until it shows the power down swipe. Swipe, and then press's the button again to restart.

How to Unfreeze Car Windows?

Frozen, icy car windows create a hazard when attempting to drive during the cold months and require thorough removal. There are many methods for defrosting and de-icing car windows; unfortunately m... Read More »

How do you unfreeze an iPhone 4?