How do you unclogg dishwasher?

Answer To answer this question I have to know what you are charged per Kw/hr by the power company. If you mean .10911 per kw/hr, then I need to know at what voltage.

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How to unclogg an ear that has deep ear-wax?

i have heard of making a candle out of your ear? like a natural remedy. but i didn't look it up.

How can I unclogg my toilet?

I've had good luck with the 'drain king', which is a water pressure clog clearing bulb that connects to a garden hose. You connect the bulb to your hose and feed it down the pipe to the clog. Whe... Read More »

How do you unclogg a bathroom drain?

Mine does this ALL the time. It could be from hair getting stuck down there, so if possible try to clear it out. At any rate, use baking soda and vinegar (an all natural way to clean the drains!)St... Read More »

How do i unclogg a tiolet clogged with a bar of soap?

Pour boiling water in every now and then to encourage its dissolution.