How do you type with boxing gloves on?

Answer By using chopsticks. You just need a little practice and in no time you'll be doing an average speed typist of up to 20 words per minute

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How to Clean Boxing Gloves?

Cleaning your boxing gloves is a very good idea, as they can become quite smelly and infested with germs over time. It's not very easy to find good information on how to clean your boxing gloves, s... Read More »

How to Draw Boxing Gloves?

Looking round the room, you look for something random to draw. After deciding that a cup of tea and a a glass table isn't exciting you give up. Use your imagination. One interesting thing to draw i... Read More »

How heavy are professional boxing gloves?

The weight of the gloves worn by professional boxers is determined by the weight class in which they compete. Boxers in the lower weight divisions from mini-flyweight (limit 105 lbs.) to welterweig... Read More »

How to Make a Kirby With Boxing Gloves?

Make a Kirby on your computer with ASCII art.