How do you type underscore with iphone4?

Answer u get administrative priviliges like u can over clock your phone, install custom roms etc...for more consult

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How to Type an Underscore on a I335 to Log In on MSN or Facebook?

If you have tried to type in your email account to log in to your MSN and Facebook but couldn't find the underscore symbol (_), here is what to do.

What type of file uses an underscore as the last character in the file extension?

There are two known files that use an underscore as the last character in their file extension: *.MP_ and *.MV_. The *.MP_ file extension is a mobile sound file used by cell phone companies for rin... Read More »

What is an underscore on the keyboard?

To type an underscore, press the Shift key and the dash ("-") key on a QWERTY keyboard. The location of the dash/underscore key can vary depending on the keyboard model. Is usually located between ... Read More »

How do I underscore letters?

HighlightHighlight the letters or word you seek to underscore.UnderscoreSelect the U with the underscore from the menu bar. Another option is to highlight the letter or word and hit "Ctrl+U."Sourc... Read More »