How do you type the symbol x-bar (as in the mean) in Word?

Answer Wow! Upon first glance your question appears quite simple (as most Technical/User issues usually do). However, even for someone who has been in IT for 20+ years, I have to admit that this was a r... Read More »

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How do I get the mean symbol in a Word document?

Inserting the SymbolOpen the Word document. Select the "Insert" menu from the toolbar at the top of the window. Select "Symbol." Scroll through the symbols until you find the one for mean, which is... Read More »

Im downloading open office now will i get word you know like microsoft word but their type of word 10 points?

Open Office has everything MS Office does, but better and with extras. Just remember when you are saving documents for others to use with Word or Excell to use File/save as and select the type as t... Read More »

How to Type the Pi Symbol?

Everybody loves π, but it’s not always easy to type. If you’re tired of hunting for it on the Internet, then copying and pasting it into your document, here are a few easy ways to do i... Read More »

How do u type a star symbol?

here try this site.…