How do you type the music notes on the computer...!!?

Answer alt 13 and alt 14. ♪ ♫

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How to Write Notes on Music Staff Paper Via the Computer?

Computers are useful not only for recording music, but also for producing written music notation. Using a computer program to write notes on music staff paper can help avoid messy handwriting and d... Read More »

Can you transfer notes that you type into your iPhone 3G onto your computer for editing and vice versa?

I don't use your format but I do use my Blackberry from time to rime for purposes similar to yours. I simply email to my PC then transfer to Microsoft word. Edit then send it back to email via atta... Read More »

How do you make those cute hearts and music notes on your computer keyboard?

♥♥♥♥♥♥Press down on the alt key and hold. Press down on the 3 key. Release the 3 key. Release the alt key. Alt 1-31 gives assorted signs. ☺☻♥ etc.

How to Type Musical Notes on a Macbook?

Ever wanted to make a tiny decorative musical note and put it in your info box on Facebook, Myspace, etc? How about typing up a key to musical beats? You can easily do this on a Macbook by doing th... Read More »