How do you type in Chinese on a Macbook?

Answer no you do not need anything external. once you do the below settings right, you'll be switching in and out of english-chinese effortlessly for keying, rather than launching and using an addtional l... Read More »

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How to Type Musical Notes on a Macbook?

Ever wanted to make a tiny decorative musical note and put it in your info box on Facebook, Myspace, etc? How about typing up a key to musical beats? You can easily do this on a Macbook by doing th... Read More »

How do I tell what type of logic board my macbook uses?

Your computer has four unique identifiers:serial number, Order number, Model number, and Model Identifier.The serial number is the precise final build that left Apple factory. The other numbers hav... Read More »

Macbook problem. I can't type or use the mouse!?

It wont be very serious, simply send it in to a computer store they'll fix it before you can say Jack Robinson.

Can anyone help me identify a type of Chinese tea?

It could have been barley tea, the Chinese and Japanese use roasted barley in with there green and black teas, it has bit of a burnt toast, malt flavour like Wheetabix with no sugar