How do you type a peace sign with alt. codes?

Answer There doesn't seem to be an ALT code for ☮, but there is an HTML code: & #9774;When typing that in, remove the space between & and #. (It's only there so you can see the code instead of the symbo... Read More »

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How to Draw the Peace Sign With Your Hand?

British artist Gerald Holtom first created the peace sign in 1958. It originally stood for nuclear disarmament by combining the letters "N" and "D" of the Navy's semaphore code to create the symbol... Read More »

How to Do the Peace Sign?

The peace sign is used all over the world and now you can do it too.

How to Draw a Peace Sign?

Completed peace signThe peace sign originated in the military, when people would bring both arms down in an upside down "V" position, which stood for the letter "N". The "N" stood for Nuclear. When... Read More »

Who designed the peace sign?

The person who designed the peace symbol was Gerald Holtom, a British professional designer and conscientious objector. The original peace sign was designed using the semaphore letters N and D, for... Read More »