How do you type a peace sign with alt. codes?

Answer There doesn't seem to be an ALT code for ☮, but there is an HTML code: & #9774;When typing that in, remove the space between & and #. (It's only there so you can see the code instead of the symbo... Read More »

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How to Do the Peace Sign?

The peace sign is used all over the world and now you can do it too.

Where does the peace sign come from?

The peace sign first appeared in April 1958 in England during a nuclear disarmament march. It was designed by London textile designer Gerald Holtom. The symbol was widely used in the anti-war ralli... Read More »

What is the code for the peace sign?

Many online forms and multimedia devices allow you to enter a code to create a symbol. For example, if you wanted to text a peace sign to someone instead of writing out the word "peace," then you c... Read More »

Peace sign in text.. help please?

☮unfortunately it does not work on all browsers.[ do not copy the plus signs, just add all the things together ]& + # + x + 2 + 6 + 2 + E + ;now put all of them together & you get this ☮:]