How do you turn the microphone off on the ipod 5g?

Answer I had the same issue and called Apple. The internal microphone can't be turned off. How lame is that?

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How much does an iPod microphone cost?

The cost of an ipod microphone will differ. It all depends on the quality of the microphone you want to purchase. Price will range from 10 dollars up to about 50.

How to Use a Microphone on Your iPod Touch?

An internal mic became a standard feature on the third generation iPod touch released in 2010, so luckily 3G users have a built-in mic. Second and third generation users need an external mic to rec... Read More »

Where is the microphone hole on the ipod touch?

A: There is no hole the Ethernet microphone is under the power button

Do the iPod shuffle headphones have a microphone?

which shuffle are you talking about? If its the 3rd generation then no but i don't see why you would need one.