How do you turn someones computer screen round by using keyboard shortcuts?

Answer Hold Ctrl + Alt then press the directional keys on the keyboard... this doesnt work on all computers as it is to do with shortcuts configured in the display driver software.Also you may need to ena... Read More »

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Can anyone help my computer screen is upside down how do i turn it round?

Get some weed! =]have some few joints,put some Marley on,then watch the screen turn round by itself! =]Smoke Weed Everyday!

How to Find All Keyboard Shortcuts in Your Computer?

Windows provide all the help you need. You have to only find this help. Most of the people can't use this instead they waste time on Internet.

My computer screens gone f****d up colours, like someones painted it on my screen,how do i sort it out?

Control panel?Have you try the resoluation?Can you choose 16bit color high color?If you can't it mean you grahic card driver is **** up.If you using XP, you can boot up as VGA mode.If it come up go... Read More »

How do i turn off my computer using the keyboard?

Use Alt+F4 to close any programs running already (one press to close one program) NOTE: does not close minimised programs! When all the programs are closed, another press of ALT+F4 will ask if you ... Read More »