How do you turn on 'beauty shot' on the Samsung ES55?

Answer It is in the manual on pages 12 and 20Press the menu buttonIn mode choose sceneScene will give another menu from which you select beauty shot

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Can i take a screen shot with my samsung Galaxy S2?

Yes, you can. it took me a while to figure it out so I youtube'd it when I first got mine. you hit the home and lock button at the same time, might take a few try's.

How can I turn SAP off a Samsung TV?

On my Samsung remote, there's a button labeled MTS that cycles through the various audio options. If you have such a button, try pushing it repeatedly while you watch the options change on-screen.... Read More »

How do I Turn Off Key Tones on the Samsung G600?

On most cell phones, including the Samsung G600, you have options for setting up and customizing the tones on the phone. The key-tone volume is one of the adjustable features found on the Samsung G... Read More »

How turn Off Hotel Mode on a Samsung TV?

With the television turned off, press mute, 1, 8, 2, power on the remote. This will put you into the service menu. Be VERY careful! only change what you understand. Click down to Hotel Mode and cha... Read More »