How do you turn on 222 plantronic bluetooth?

Answer In Settings turning Airplane Mode On/Off will end a network connection and will allow the iPhone to find and reconnect with a WiFi network

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How to Turn on Bluetooth in a PC?

Most Windows-based computers now come with a built-in Bluetooth receiver. This allows the computer to connect to Bluetooth-enabled hardware, without the aid of a cable connection. However, even if ... Read More »

How do you turn your bluetooth on?

On the homescreen, press the menu key, select Settings, then Wireless & Networks, then tick the box that says "Bluetooth."

How to Turn on Bluetooth on Your Phone?

Can't find Bluetooth on your phone? Read this article on how to turn on Bluetooth.

How to Turn a Printer Into a Bluetooth?

Turning a printer into a Bluetooth-enabled printer allows for wireless printing within the Bluetooth range. In most cases, the Bluetooth range is 60 feet, but it can extend as far as 200 feet. This... Read More »