How do you turn off the gray bar on Dish Network?

Answer You can also control your TV screen through your TV settings and the receiver if you have an HD receiver. With the HD receiver, press the Menu button on the remote to bring up the Main Menu on your... Read More »

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Your Dish Network 622 DVR won't turn on The fan works but the lights won't turn on How do you fix this?

Call Dish Network. Your Dish receiver may need to be replaced. You may also want to try to leave it unplugged overnight. When you plug it back in, your receiver will re-boot which takes a few minutes.

How do you set DISH Network TV Turn off time?

Go to DISHNetwork site and it will then walk you through how to program your DISH Network remote step by step.

How do you turn off volume on a dish network remote?

There are two ways to get turn off the volume with a DISH remote. The remote would need to be addressed to the TV itself. You can press the 'Mute' button which is generally on the top left hand sid... Read More »

How do you turn on the dish network with the remote?

Using your DISH Network remote (has the words DISH Network at the bottom of the remote) press the large red power button on the remote.