How do you turn off a computer when the start bar is gone?

Answer All of the above will do.

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My monitor won't start up when I turn my computer on. any answers?

Your graphics card is shot or it's unseated. Try opening up the case, removing the graphics card and then putting it back in. If it still doesn't work, then you need a new graphics card.

Why do we press the start button to turn off the computer?

To excess the options babe to turn the computer off. lol

My computer won't start up. When i try and turn it on no lights respond at the front of it! Help please!?

Very unlikely to be a virus, since it's related to your power supply.From the data you provided, I'd say it's the power supply. You didn't specify how old EXACTLY your computer is, and I wouldn't r... Read More »

Every time I turn my computer on and I start working on it , it turns off unexspectly?

Check your cpu fan and the exhust fan for the computer. if it's a desk top of course. if it's a laptop make sure the vents are clear of dust. tur the laptop on it's side with the vent facing down a... Read More »