How do you turn off a computer when the start bar is gone?

Answer All of the above will do.

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My monitor won't start up when I turn my computer on. any answers?

Your graphics card is shot or it's unseated. Try opening up the case, removing the graphics card and then putting it back in. If it still doesn't work, then you need a new graphics card.

My computer won't start up. When i try and turn it on no lights respond at the front of it! Help please!?

Very unlikely to be a virus, since it's related to your power supply.From the data you provided, I'd say it's the power supply. You didn't specify how old EXACTLY your computer is, and I wouldn't r... Read More »

My Computer has gone into sleep mode ,how do you start it again?

Try hitting any key on your keyboard... if that doesn't work, briefly press the power on key (on your computer, not the monitor) to wake it up.

Computer problem. on the desktop the icons, toolbar, and start button are gone. help?

the same problem occured to me a week back ! its the damn virus ! soon the windows also got corrupted ! so i had to install windows !iam very sure only REINSTALLING WINDOWS will fix this problem ... Read More »