How do you turn off Yahoo mail for your phone?

Answer I have a big cell not iansatall is skyp

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How to turn off notification sound in new yahoo mail for android app, not in general settings?

Menu, Options, Choose Email Account if you have more than one, Uncheck the notification you want to disable or disable them all by unchecking Notifications

Is there a way to txt someone from my computer to their phone using yahoo e-mail?

There is a yahoo messenger out for iphone have him download that and then you go to yahoo messenger on your computer and there you go.

What are your thoughts about: Yahoo to turn subscribers' e-mail contact lists into social networking base?

not a good idea my dear miss missy xxxhow are you stranger? =)

How to Download Yahoo Messenger Mail Onto My Virgin Phone?

Instant messaging has become a daily part of our lives for many of us and it is supported by more and more cell phones. Virgin mobile phones come with a number of Instant Messenger services. Yahoo!... Read More »