How do you turn off Auto ISO on a Canon 10D?

Answer Look on page 49 of your user manual

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Canon EOS 60D won't turn on?

Take the camera and charger to a camera shop and ask to try a genuine Canon battery. If there are problems the shop will help you to sort them. Thre are several potential problems that you list,... Read More »

How do you turn off a canon t70?

i had the same problem too :(.i couldn't figure it out so what i did,is when i was done with it i turned the battarie around so it turned off

Canon 1000d auto focus?

Look in your user manual.You have 7 optional focus set points to choose from. You seem to have the right hand one highlighted

My Canon 1.4 50mm Won't Auto Focus?

The Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens is a fixed-length lens. Although the photographer must walk closer to or farther from the subject to adjust the photo composition, fixed-length lenses generally produce sh... Read More »