How do you turn htc into headphone mode?

Answer Push your headphones right in

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How to turn headphone mode off on iPhones?

Blow compressed air into the jack (headphone socket)

Computer wont turn on or go into safe mode..?

2 ways to fix it1) boot from your installation disk and do a system repair from itif above not possible2) get someone to download "puppy linux" burn to disk and boot from itit loads in memory and a... Read More »

When Headphones are attached in Sony ericsson Vivaz phone incoming call gets diverted into Headphone but ring can be heard outside the headphone also. How can I block the ringing outside the headphone?

Yes, they are incredible. I've owned one for quite a few years and it is as good as it was when I bought it - superb.

I pod touch stuck on headphone mode?

easy. twist the foam part of the left ear side of the headphones. make sure that you replace the existing batteries with rechargeables if you are resting them on the stand when not in use.