How do you turn a child over to be a ward of the state?

Answer You would essentially be abandoning your child. The state is not going to turn your child away, however, you could have criminal charges for child abandonment filed against you. The state will like... Read More »

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What is a ward of the state?

When a person is unable to take responsibility for his own care, he is deemed a ward of the state in which he lives. Some states refer to it as a ward of the court. The state, through the courts, t... Read More »

Is someone on disability a ward of the state?

Texas does not have a state mandated short term disability insurance program. In order to qualify for benefits, you must apply for supplemental short term disability before you conceive.

Can I get a PLUS loan if my daughter was a ward of the state?

PLUS loans are student loans available to biological or adoptive parents for the purpose of financing a dependent child's education. A ward of the state is not a dependent of her biological parents... Read More »

If you are a ward of the state can they prosecute your 32 year old boyfriend for getting you pregnant?

Answer Depending on the State, Yes. Even if you were not a Ward of the State. The probability is great of him being prosecuted. Just do not tell them who and it will be harder for them. And stop s... Read More »